• Reviewed by: CarolineHawkins  on: 2008-08-18T02:04:00
  • Reviewed by: RSwitzenbaum  on: 2008-08-18T02:04:00
  • Reviewed by: AndrewLevison  on: 2008-08-18T02:03:00
    Best Food ***
  • Reviewed by: jims8210  on: 2008-08-14T11:17:00
    I usually to get there eat, has grate food grate service
  • Reviewed by: abcrayce  on: 2008-08-14T10:50:00
    This is only the bestestest estes restarurant ever. If you don't go there i personally feel sorry for you. You are missing out on a great chance so get off ur tush and go to Tai Lake!!!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: ye.m  on: 2008-08-13T22:10:00
    Tai Lake is a good place to holding a warm family get togethers dinner. People are nice over there, of couse, great food too!
  • Reviewed by: tommychen02  on: 2008-08-13T12:17:00
    I'm a student. I went toTai Lake one time and eat . I order shrimp fried rice there were couple roaches on my food...
  • Reviewed by: hendersonyan  on: 2008-08-13T10:05:00
    Great food. Great Service. Great Place. That sums it up :]
  • Reviewed by: ibabyk  on: 2008-08-11T13:00:00
    I am usually a picky eater but this place is wonderful! It opens until very late, has great food (perfect for seafood lovers) and the service is quick. The restaurant is comfortable and has a comfortable feel to it. Perfect for groups. Definitely my favorite restaurant in PA!
  • Reviewed by: jessiiexx3  on: 2008-08-10T11:59:00
    Tai Lake is a fantastic restaurant! The food is great, especially seafood. The people are nice. It's a wonderful setting. It's perfect for either baby showers or small get togethers. I would definitely recommend this place.
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