• Reviewed by: michal.perconte  on: 2015-11-10T14:08:43
    Hi,I wanted to discuss some catering events with your restaurant and see if you would be able to do them with us in December. It would be some lunch events inside corporate offices from 11:30a - 1:30p. It would be feeding 65-80 people and it would be 3-4 times a month. I saw the great menu and our clients are looking for good Chinese so I wanted to see if this is something you could do. Look forward to hearing from you.Mike
  • Reviewed by: jessicakulick  on: 2015-10-03T06:45:06
    Hello!Could we please make a reservation for 10 people on Friday, October 9th at 6:00.Thank you,Jessica Kulick215-350-2457
  • Reviewed by: ncsoftshellcrabs  on: 2015-09-25T10:35:05
    Hello, my name is Cal Tran. I was wondering if your interested in frozen softshell crabs for your restaurant. Here is more information:http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/for/5237573637.htmlBest Regards, Cal Tran2679090681
  • Reviewed by: shauna  on: 2015-09-11T10:24:37
    Hi,I was hoping to grab 5 minutes of your time Monday for a quick talk about what you're currently doing to bring in new customers and to see if Groupon might be a fit. No hard sell; if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but I'd love the opportunity to see what might currently be working for you and what you may be hoping to improve. Let me know if you have a time that works. ​Thanks so much,Shauna​ Johnstone
  • Reviewed by: mcalebrese  on: 2015-07-29T05:35:56
    id your shark fin soup real shark fin?
  • Reviewed by: hadleylee314  on: 2015-06-01T02:48:04
    Hi, While browsing your website we noticed that it is under serious threat of losing Google Ranking. Your website is Non Responsive hence it doesn't open properly in the mobile devices. According to Google’s new algorithm, all the websites which are not mobile friendly will be brought down in Google Rank. We are Google certified Webmaster with a team of 200 skilled professionals and we can help you convert your website to all device compatible, so that you don't lose your business. Visit the following link to get more details. Link : http://trendymobilesite.com/ Regards, Hadley Lee Customer Relationship Manager Email: info@trendymobilesite.com www.trendymobilesite.com
  • Reviewed by: bryan.brown  on: 2015-04-28T09:24:29
    Hey there, I was on your site, trying to show the menu to a friend but it didn't go over so well. I had a bit of trouble reading everything clearly without having to zoom in. It didn't function so great on my iPhone and I noticed that the site is not "mobile friendly". · Did you know that Google penalizes you on their search rankings for not having a mobile site? As of April 21st (Mobilegeddon), Google changed its search ranking algorithm to place a higher emphasis on mobile friendly sites. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobilegeddon· Did you know that half of your website traffic is now coming through mobile devices? My name is Bryan, CEO of Responsival - I’d love to build you a beautiful, brand new website that works on all devices and turns your abandoned visitors into paying customers. It’ll take me 48 hours to build you a demo, and if you like it, you can have it for free. You just have to let me use it as part of my portfolio. Would you be interested? Let me know and I’ll have your demo ready in 48 hours. Bryan BrownCEO
  • Reviewed by: james.spaulding  on: 2015-04-09T05:04:47
    Can I get a reservation for this Friday, April 10 at 530 pm ? Party of 6. Thank you, Jim Spaulding
  • Reviewed by: ttest  on: 2015-03-29T16:08:00
    Hey Guys!I hope this message finds you well. I am Interested in sending your restaurant a significant amount of new customers through takeout orders. GrubHub is the world's largest Digital Food Ordering Company working with over 30,000 restaurants and servicing over 3.6 million regular customers. We’ve recently launched our new Grubhub delivery service to a group of specially selected restaurants that are in highest demand from our Grubhub customers in the Philadelphia market and your restaurant is included in this list. We have gotten thousands upon thousands of customer requests for your restaurant and we feel that your business can do extremely well if we were able to add your menu onto Grubhub.There is no up-front costs and you can quit without penalty at anytime. All we're looking for is for you to give it a try.We would also be sending you an OrderHub Tablet free of charge to receive our orders, you can learn more about it in the below video link.Grubhub Delivery Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B2_RTIdTmQ
  • Reviewed by: phuong  on: 2015-02-20T14:15:05
    Dear Friend,Asian Arts Initiative is excited to announce our upcoming Annual Benefit Banquet on Friday, April 24, 2015!We’d like to invite you to be part of this year’s silent auction by donating an item or gift certificate valued at $50 or more. As an auction donor, your item will be featured at our event and you will be listed in our program ad book, which is distributed to approximately 300 guests at the event.Asian Arts Initiative is a community-based arts center that engages artists and everyday people to create art that explores the diverse experiences of Asian Americans, addresses our social context, and imagines and effects positive community change. We are working toward a just and joyous world where all people, regardless of their racial and class backgrounds, are able to view and create art that reflects their lives and concerns.Participants in our programs include teens from low-income and immigrant families throughout Philadelphia, representing a variety of ethnic groups, and a diverse adult constituency including working artists, activists, educators, students, and area residents with an interest in Asian American culture and community arts. Please visit our website to see what's happening in our space in the upcoming months.Please complete our silent auction form today! Please confirm your commitment by Friday, February 27 and arrange for delivery of your item to our office at 1219 Vine St, Philadelphia PA 19107.Thanks so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!Phuong NguyenManager of Development and Communications
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